Jason Keoni Galius, has been playing music for over 25 years. Guitar and Bass, Started off in Church. Playing for worship teams, his Father is Musician/Worship Leader. With the heritage of a Pacific Islander-Filipino from Hawaii/California, he went on to tour across the states with Local Christian Reggae Band. "Youth Exodus" (now known as "IMISI") who is signed to Christian Record Label owner Mark Mohr from "Christafari". Also on tour was Christian Rap Group "Priesthood". Jammed with and sat in on some gigs with local L.A. based Island Reggae Band "Pacific Noize". As time went on he started and partnered with Local Music Producer from Atlanta Georgia, "Skot Free" aka Couleen Lagon. Owning and Operating an Independent Record Label. Signing Local artist and getting them deals with the Major labels. During that process it lead to many trips to various Studios’ in Atlanta and L.A. - to name a few. Interscope Records, Also Paramount Studios, Radiculture Records, Westlake Recording studio in Hollywood, Will Smith's Studio "Boom Boom Room"...
He then decided to go to school to learn Recording Engineering in order to make it in the music Industry. Through an apprenticeship/internship program at Real2Reel studios, under "BILL TURPIN".
Currently doing session work for Artist, Producers, and Bands in Studio’s all over doing all genres music.
Currently landing Synchronization Placements on BET channel and NBA Action and NBA Inside Stuff cable television.